Machine Upgrades

Upgrades for Volkmann carpet yarn- and staple fibre machines

Our customers appreciate the advantages of the Volkmann After Sales Service.
Apart from our free of charge service during the guarantee period, what our customer are looking for in the first place are quality and know-how.
Each of the described upgrades for a modernisation of your machines has been checked painstakingly regarding technique and textile technology.
Only those upgardes created by our experts using their constructional experience will receive the status „Volkmann-Upgrade“ and only those upgrades are good enough for our quality-minded customers. It has become apparent from our examinations of various „alternative“ upgrades that those upgrades do not at all meet Volkmann quality requirements.

In most cases, the upgrades can be carried out by your own staff, meaning savings on service costs.

You can find all details under SECOS.

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