The new electronic drive was designed to meet the highest requirements

  • Delivery speeds up to 120 m/min.
  • Amount of twist can be set at any level
  • Flanged-bobbin form, traverse and traverse variation can be adjusted individually
  • Electronically controlled anti-patterning device
  • Oil-free, easy maintenance construction

(The servo drive is available only in combination with the frequency inverter for the main drive)

User terminal

The new terminal for machines with servo drive and inverter main drive makes it possible to archive up to 1000 separate batch data sets and, if needed, to activate them quickly.

The following data will be considered:

  • Spindle speed
  • Amount of twist and twist direction
  • Crossing angle
  • Winding traverse length
  • Transfer tail length and position
  • Yarn material
  • Parameters for flanged-bobbin form and density


The Two-for-One spindle is the heart of the machine. The energy required and the quality of the twisted yarn produced are determined here.

The energy saving family of spindles includes the spindle type series: 

  • VTS-07
  • VTS-08
  • VTS-09
  • VTS-10

with optimized spindle combinations for customized yarn count ranges.



  • High class efficiency main drive motors
  • Spindle belt with lowest possible energy consumption
  • Optimized belt guide rollers with lower energy consumption and reduced noise emission
  • Optimized bearings in the entire spindle area