CompactTwister and CompactTwister eco

Two-for-One Twisting Machine

The new eco-drive concept and the new eco-spindles perfectly complement the existing spindle family, and customers save up to 40% in energy costs even for very fine yarn counts. Optimal yarn and package evenness are achieved thanks to a newly designed take-up geometry.

Process handling has a new efficiency dimension:

  • central setting possibilities
  • recipe administration
  • quality monitoring
  • length measuring and further parameters
  • really easy operating and absolute safety are integrated

E³ - Triple Added Value


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Up to 40% energy saving by eco spindle technology

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The Two-for-One spindle is the heart of the machine. The energy required and the quality of the twisted yarn produced are determined here.

The energy saving family of spindles includes the spindle type series: 

  • VTS-07
  • VTS-08
  • VTS-09
  • VTS-10

with optimized spindle combinations for customized yarn count ranges.



Up to 5% savings due to energy optimized machine components

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  • High class efficiency main drive motors
  • Spindle belt with lowest possible energy consumption
  • Optimized belt guide rollers with lower energy consumption and reduced noise emission
  • Optimized bearings in the entire spindle area


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Up to 30% higher productivity due to delivery speeds of up to 120 m/min.

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The new electronic drive was designed to meet the highest requirements

  • Delivery speeds up to 120 m/min.
  • Amount of twist can be set at any level
  • Flanged-bobbin form, traverse and traverse variation can be adjusted individually
  • Electronically controlled anti-patterning device
  • Oil-free, easy maintenance construction

(The servo drive is available only in combination with the frequency inverter for the main drive)

User terminal

The new terminal for machines with servo drive and inverter main drive makes it possible to archive up to 1000 separate batch data sets and, if needed, to activate them quickly.

The following data will be considered:

  • Spindle speed
  • Amount of twist and twist direction
  • Crossing angle
  • Winding traverse length
  • Transfer tail length and position
  • Yarn material
  • Parameters for flanged-bobbin form and density

Up to 10% less time needed to operate the machines thanks to central settings

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Very short conversion times by central adjustment of the yarn balloon guide and deflection roller

The yarn balloon guide can also be centrally set to a uniform height. Discrepancies in the balloon yarn guide heights are thus avoided.

The quality of the cross-wound delivery package generated depends to a large extent on the takeup tension. This is the determining factor for package hardness.

The yarn guide rollers used to influence the takeup tension can be centrally adjusted side by side to a uniform position.


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Yarns can be quickly and easily threaded via the Volcojet system

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Volcojet is Volkmann's threading system for Two-for-One spindle

The system is characterised by its simplicity, having only one moving component and being powered by compressed air. The complete system is built into each spindle and is activated into operation by pressure on the spindle brake.
Whilst feeding with one hand the thread into the entry tube, the operator can catch the threaded ends with the other hand above the balloon limiter.

The Volcojet system does not require any working aids.

Further advantages are:

  • Low threading times
  • High production/operator/spindle
  • Low operation cost
  • Low maintenance cost
  • No manual threading required

Further numerous optional handling aids

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  • The automatic transfer-tail device enables a central adjustment
  • Creel and storage facilities for packages and empty tubes
  • Package conveyor belt for integration into an automated production process
  • Automatic yarn stop feeler lock in the event of machine stoppage or power failure


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Direct feed packages 2 x 6"

The new device for processing 2 x 6" direct feeds with 2 pots offers a range of advantages in addition to process efficiency:

  • Separate entry for both yarns with identical angle of entry
  • Even unwinding tension
  • No yarn remnants on the stationary feed packages
  • Quality advantages thanks to automatic spindle stop function
  • Easy handling, especially during the threading operation
  • A short balloon limiter protects against yarn contamination
  • Can use 4°20' and 5°57' tubes including bullnose
  • The lower pot can be used separately for 8" feed

Automatic Spindle Stop

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Improved flexibility by extended direct feeding for conical and cylindrical 2 x 6" formats and assembly-wound feed packages up to 10".

  • Irrespective of this automatic function, the spindle can also be shut down by the operative using the foot pedal whenever required.
  • The belt push-off device enables a spindle to be shut down while reliably preventing contact between the belt and whorl.
  • With the spindle at a standstill during non-productive operations, power consumption is also reduced.

Lubrication System "Constant-Lubritwist"

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Constant and cost-effective lubrication - even with minimum application quantities

Constant-Lubritwist for Direct feed packages and Assembly-wound packages
A reduction in the frictional coefficients of the various elements in contact with the yarn enables the yarn take-up speeds to be increased. The application of lubricating/ softening agents smoothes the yarns and prevents wear, dust and fibre fly from developing. With the Constant-Lubritwist, the lubricant is continuously applied to the yarn directly upstream of the inlet into the spindle during the twisting process. In this "in-line system, the lubricant film remains on the surface of the yarn, enabling it better to withstand the stresses of the processes which immediately follow.
Replaceable inlet rings determine the length of yarn contact with the moistening element and the specific quantity of lubricant applied.
A lubricant refilling unit allows the reservoir at the spindle to be efficiently replenished.
Lubricated yarn offers substantially improved running properties in subsequent processes such as warping, sectional warping, weaving, and the different knitting processes which may be applied.


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