Twisting of single and multiply yarns

Innovative high-performance ring twisting machine for up-twisting and twisting of glass filament yarns.

Advantages for the customers:

  • high productivity and flexibility
  • production of all kinds of shape of packages
  • excellent quality of take-up packages
  • high economic efficiency and reliability
  • low energy consumption
  • low noise level
  • an optimal ergonomic machine concept
  • low maintenance costs

E³ - Triple Added Value


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Up to 15% lower energy consumption

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  • Up to 15% lower energy consumption due to optimized drive motors and bearing technology
  • Optimized smooth running of the ring rail system due to drive systems without counterweights


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Up to 3.5% higher economy

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  • Up to 3.5% higher economy in the fine yarn sector and the best finished package quality
  • 100% tested sectional design, leads to faster production start
  • ≤ 1% process-related yarn break rates


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Up to 11% improved ergonomics

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  • Up to 11% improved ergonomics and user-friendly machine due to low-height design
  • ≤ 82 dbA noise emission
  • Individual adaptations to your requirements

Innovative engineering

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The ring twisting machine has modern driving and control system components which are:

  • creel baskets with single motor
  • ring twisting spindles with single motor
  • servo-drives for controlling the ring rail motion
  • machine control via Industrial-PC
  • all textile parameters can be entered and displayed at the touch screen panel


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