GlassTwister VGT11-P

Multiply ring twisting machine with integrated ply unit

The integrated ply unit is most suited for the production of balanced multiply glass yarns. It is possible to twist two to four single yarns.

Replacing the spinning cakes baskets with delivery capstans allows the production of 2- up to 4-ply twisted yarns within a titer range of 10 tex up to 2500 tex.
The main application is the production of multi-ply glass filament yarns.
The flexible system is also suitable for other fibers such as: Basalt, PA, PET, CV, Aramid, PVA, Dyneema, PE/PP as multi- and monofilament yarns.

The new machine generation VGT11-P opens unlimited fields to the production of high performance multi-ply filament yarns.

Innovative engineering

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The ring twisting machine has modern driving and control system components which are:

  • delivery capstan with single motor
    The motor-driven delivery capstan with its chrome hard-coated rolls ensures equal yarn lengths as well as a smooth treatment of the filaments.
  • ring twisting spindles with single motor
  • servo-drives for controlling the ring rail motion
  • machine control via Industrial-PC
    A purposely-developed operating interface of the central computer allows a highly efficient entering of yarn specifications by the user, which further enhances the process efficiency.


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