Two-for-One Twisting Machines

Why are carpet yarns twisted on Volkmann Two-for-One twister ?
The reasons are essentially two-fold:

  • In order to produce a stable, open pile thread under conditions of maximum cost efficiency. This applies particularly to BCF filament utilized as single yarns for the manufacture of particularly thick carpets by the tufting process. The upgrading process used in this case is generally referred to uptwisting.
  • In order to manufacture a particularly durable thread for woven carpets. In this case, preference is given to staple fibres, wool or polyacrylate yarns, or polyamide, polypropylene and various blends specifically devised for the manufacture of carpets. The process used in this case is classic Two-for-One twisting.

The particular quality and the high productivity of the twisting process are very much in the foreground in such applications.The Two-for-One twisting process is characterized by the fact that each mechanical spindle revolution imparts two twists to the yarn. This ensures, in particular, a particularly effective up-twisting process for single yarns.

The yarns are economically twisted to the degree required to give an even pile. Dense, uniform, voluminous carpets are particularly popular because of their attractive visual appearance, durability and service qualities.

E³ - Triple Added Value


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Up to 35% saving by energy optimized spindle family

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The spindle family covers following types:

Dimensions [mm]Universal 285Spindle 285Spindle 260Spindle 220
Feed pot package285285260220
Spindle gauge495495445445
Energy consumption
on average

Spindle 285
Energy-optimised spindle reduces energy consumption. Standard producer packages can be used for up-twisting as well as for cabling. Due to the optimised spindle geometry, the yarn count range meets all mayor counts. Thus, the spindle 285 can be used for all typical applications.

Spindles 260 and 220
The new energy-saving cabling spindle enables high energy savings especially when processing cabled yarns – a quantum leap in terms of efficiency. With a different package handling, further advantages can be gained in the production process. This results in a suitable work flow and optimum package sizes.

Up to 5% savings due to energy optimized machine components

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  • High class efficiency main drive motors
  • Optimized bearings in the entire spindle area


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Up to 45% higher productivity

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  • Up to 30% higher productivity by delivery speeds of up to 120 m/min when up-twisting
  • Up to 10% less space needed due to closer spindle spacing
  • Up to 5% higher production speeds due to low yarn balloon tension


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Up to 10% reduced machine operating time due to central adjustments

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Shortest set-up time through central adjustment of th balloon thread guides

Fast, simple and precise motor-driven drive for an optimum height position.
An optimum, uniform height position on all yarn balloon guides.

Package conveyor belt to rapidly clear away the finished packages

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Package conveyor belt

In order to improve the ergonomic efficiency of Volkmann machines, the package belt conveyor has been designed in such a way that packages can be removed sideways at the belt exit point. This enhancement results in a further reduction in operating times and easier operator work loads when handling large volumes of yarn.
The package conveyor belt can also be used as an intermediate storage for the cross-wound packages. A photoelectric barrier at the end of the package belt conveyor permits cycled removal of packages.

Further advantages include:

  • A wider conveyor belt surface, designed for removing all the cross-wound packages from one machine side.
  • A trough-shaped guide plate, preventing packages and tubes from jamming and avoiding the formation of trailing ends.
  • Chutes for continuous removal for fitting at the transport ends are available as an option.

Easy and quick yarn threading due to Volco-/Creeljet-Systems

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Volcojet is Volkmann's threading system for Two-for-One spindle

The system is characterised by its simplicity, having only one moving component and being powered by compressed air. The complete system is built into each spindle and is activated into operation by pressure on the spindle brake.
Whilst feeding with one hand the thread into the entry tube, the operator can catch the threaded ends with the other hand above the balloon limiter.

The Volcojet system does not require any working aids.

Further advantages are:

  • Low threading times
  • High production/operator/spindle
  • Low operation cost
  • Low maintenance cost
  • No manual threading required


Computer-controlled electro-mechanical gearbox

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This computer-controlled drive system is the perfect solution to the market's requirement for fast, effective adjustment to a new yarn batch, accompanied by increased machine availability.


  • Quick, easy and saved settings
  • Less labour efforts
  • Higher machine availability
  • Higher production and reliability
  • Emergency stop function

The access and the adjustment of the production parameters like twist, spindle revolutions and twist direction, as well as the running time, can be done by authorized personal on a touch screen at the main computer.

The production parameters entered can be stored in an article library and called up whenever required.
Delivery speed and operating hours, as well as manually entered adjustment values can also be called up.
The computer is equipped with a USB connection.

This computerized drive system will ensure a synchronized start and stop sequence, as well as an electronically controlled twist level during production.
Furthermore the electronic drive includes an immediate disengagement of the take-up drive, in case of an emergency stop.

Yarn path with Two-for-One twisting

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Two feed package methods are possible.

Assembly wound package
The yarn ends have been (pre)-assembled onto one yarn package. The yarn ends are being unwound from the feed package by passing through the flyer.The flyer prevents the yarn from dragging over the edge of the feed package and assures the unwinding from the yarn package.

Direct feed package
Two superposed yarn packages, each with one single yarn end.

The untwisted feeding arrangement is placed into the stationary spindle pot.
The yarn passes from the feed package to the apex of the spindle and enters the yarn channel and multi-tension device. It then enters the spindle and exits at the spindle rotor.
The yarn follows the groove of the reserve disc and balloons around the stationary spindle pot. The position of the balloon guide, and on some machine models the balloon limitor determines the size of the yarn balloon.
The yarn then passes around the deflection rolls of the yarn sensor to the pre-take-up roll. Finally the traverse guide lays the yarn onto the rotating yarn package driven by the take-up roll.

Drive system

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Individual spindle tape drive

The individual spindle tape drive is designed on the basis of a multiple reliability factor.
The drive power is provided by a drum shaft which is directly driven by the motor.
This ensures that speed variations from spindle to spindle are kept to an absolute minimum.
A further advantage of this sophisticated transmission system lies in the permanent isolation of the textile area from the drive area, so preventing the possibility of yarn contamination.

Gear box in dual-cam execution

The dual-cam gear box enables the application of two different speeds. This ensures a high degree of flexibility combined with maximum cost-efficiency.
The anti-patterning function is electronically controlled. At the extremes of the winding stroke of the traversing yarn guide, the anti-patterning signal is suppressed to ensure faultless take-up package edges and problem-free package unwinding in the subsequent processes.
The gear box is divided into three functionally defined sections:

  • The change wheel section
    Located at the readily accessible, oil-free end of the machine, this section contains the change gears for adjusting the twist level and crossing angle.
  • The traversing guide cam drive
    This is located in the middle section and is lubricated by an oil circulation system.
  • The take-up package drive section
    This is located at the rear, again in an oil-free environment, and enables adjustment of the overfeed speed.


The spindle start and spindle stop is activated via a multi-function switch. The threading of the untwisted feeding yarn is made by means of a knee lever.

Compared to machines operated by foot pedals, we obtain a clearance between floor and machine. As a result, the area underneath the machine is more easily accessible and easier to clean.

Up-Twisting of single yarns

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Processing of PP - BCF yarns

  • Processing of yarns in the up-twisting process with take-up speeds up to 120 m/min
  • Possible yarn damages caused by an inner balloon at higher speeds can be prevented by using a protection dome

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