Successful GlassTwister Open House in Suzhou


Due to the high promotion of renewable energies in China, glass yarn qualities in the electronic application areas are highly demanded. Therefore, the main domestic manufacturers of glass yarn substantially invest in the glass yarn market. Twisting Solutions with the brands Allma and Volkmann, the world's leading manufacturer of twisting machines for glass filament yarns, is their first choice.
During the Open House in Suzhou, the participants were informed about the global situation as well as the advantages, processes and main parameters of the Volkmann GlassTwisters. Mr Kessels, General Manager of Saurer Suzhou, led the visitors through the Saurer Suzhou factory. The Open House participants also obtained information about Accotex aprons, one of the important components in glass filament yarn industry. We would like to thank all Open House visitors very much for their great interest and the interesting and open discussions. Through this successful event, Twisting Solutions will strengthen the further cooperation with customers to reach a win-win development in the booming market.