Precission Propeller Winding Machines

Saurer in close corporation with Peass optimized the precision propeller winders for the following two-for-one twisting process with the Volkmann staple fibre twisting machines.
The Hi-Tech PPW-A and Uflex-A provides perfect feed packages to twisting machines ensuring highest productivity and best quality.

Precision winding results in following benefits:

  • Reduced hairiness increase
  • Zero split ends
  • Uniform package build-up with zero patterning and ribboning zones
  • More knotless yarn lengths
  • Perfect unwinding properties
  • Higher speeds of up to 1200 m/min
  • Reduced yarn breakage rate on TFO
  • Optimized running time of TFO
  • Improved efficiency of TFO

Yarn traversing systems

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The winding system is outlined by a unique yarn laying principle. Two counter rotating propellers impart gentle handling of the yarn and a highly precision winding is achieved.

Assembly Winder PPW-A
Best suitable for spun yarns above 10s Ne. As the blades are directly synchronised with the positively driven yarn package, the precision winding is achieved.

Assembly Winder Uflex-A
Suitable for all yarn counts even very coarse counts of spun (below 10s Ne), bulky fibres like wool, acrylic and open end yarns.
Here, the propellers and take-up packages are driven by separate single motors to realize a step precision winding.

Smart controller

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All spindle functions are monitored and controlled by the microprocessor based system which offers following features:

  • High definition colour LCD, touch screen 10”
  • Individual/group wise speed & length setting
  • Storage of last 50 shift’s data
  • Extendable up to 96 spindles
  • Individual spindle maintenance mode

Standard features

  • Individual frequency inverter drive
  • Constant yarn speed by electronic control
  • Auto yarn length controlling device
  • Auto stop motion for full doff with visual display
  • Yarn brake with motorised plates for free yarn path
  • Diameter control
  • Cutter mechanism for single end prevention
  • Smart yarn sensor

Optional features

  • Online production monitoring system
  • Slub catcher at each position
  • Splicer unit
  • Overhead travelling blower


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